7 Golden Rules For Proper Walk

7 Golden Rules For Proper Walk

Upright posture

Put your walking in a form, standing upright with your head coordinated with your body.

Let your eyes look at the horizon

Looking straight ahead at a straight angle while walking will correct your angle without realizing it. In this way, you will gain easier tempo and more distance walking.

Lift your chest

Your chest alignment is very important to ensure a downward posture. It will be useful for you to use your muscles by lifting your chest.

Bend your arms

If you want to increase your speed, you can adjust your pace by bending your arms.

Leave your shoulders alone

You should let your arms move freely while leaving your shoulders free. You keep the upper back and neck area away from tension.

Your front legs get flat

Lock your front legs and take soft steps. This will make it easier for you to push yourself forward.

After your walks, loosen and relieve your body with open stretching movements. If you neglect it, you’ll trigger muscle pain and possible injuries.


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