7 Simple Exercise Movement

7 Simple Exercise Movement

You can start to warm up by taking a running position where you are.

Take your hands on your hips and touch your heels in your hands.

We can flex after increasing our blood flow. Open your arms to both sides by leaning downwards. Repeat for 30 seconds by taking deep breaths.

Slowly roll your head down and place your head down. Shake yourself to the right and to the left. Just twist your right knee and your left leg is tense. Change your legs and repeat this movement.

Open your right or left leg to the point where you can open it. With your leg open, lower your hips. Then leave your leg fixed and open the other leg to repeat your movement.

Breathe out of two arms and legs to open and jump. Both legs and arms work with this movement.

Stand upright. As you slowly breathe out, the arms move forward with your left leg forward. Repeat this movement by making 5 left, 5 left.

Push down on your knees and lift two feet and push 10 times.

1-  Plank

2- Push-ups

3- Forming the hip muscles

4-  Squats

5- Abdominal muscle exercise

6- Abdominal muscles and hips

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