8 Wonderful Facts About Boobs

8 Wonderful Facts About Boobs

1. The only primate with permanent breasts is human

None of the other primates have permanent breasts. Plump nipples in non-human primates indicate a female in the breastfeeding process. It is not known why there are only permanent breasts in humans in primates. A hypothesis describes the existence of a permanent breast in women as an indication of the value of reproduction.

2. The world’s largest breasts

Guinness World Records has the biggest natural breasts recorded by Annie Hawkins-Turner. The circumference of her breast is 1 meter and 79 inches.

3. Breast orgasm is real!

It is a scientific fact that women have an orgasm from their nipples. In a study conducted in 2013, 29% of women had breast orgasm. In a study conducted in 2011, when the reactions of the nipple to different effects were examined, it was revealed that the brain was sending signals to the sensing region of the genital senses.

4. The world’s most nutritious food source

When we start to count the benefits of milk, it is necessary to say that it is the perfect food for babies, rather than searching for appropriate words. If you say why it is recommended, breast milk makes it easier for babies to fight against infections and diseases. These are produced by the cells called alveoli in the chest and during breastfeeding.

5. Size does not matter when it comes to milk

When it comes to breastfeeding, the size of the mother’s chest is not that important. In the research conducted, the breasts that are larger produce more milk, but it does not mean that smaller breasts will produce less milk.

6. Breast size can change every month (even every minute)

Not satisfied with the size of your breasts? Many women witness their breasts growing before their menstrual period. In this period, the increase in hormone hormone progesterone and prolactin occurs. Growing breasts during pregnancy also grow by 25% when you are sexually stimulated.

7. Left chest tends to be larger

It’s perfectly normal for a woman to have a breast bigger than the other. And 65% of women have a large left chest. Although it is not known why this is so, the hypersensitivity perception of the left side of our body triggers the hormones and affects the size and shape of the breast.

8. Has 4 types of nipple

If you think you have a single nipple type, you’re wrong. The normal nipples are a few millimeters out of the areola, even when they are cold and stimulated. The flat nozzle is only noticeable when it is warned and when the temperature changes. The bulging nipple is outside the areola. The reverse nipple is inward. The last type, if the nipple doesn’t always indicate a problem. But if you’re turning in recently, you should see a doctor.


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