9 Exercises For Leg Workouts At Home

Leg Workouts – Although most people complain about their weight, the problem may not only be weight. Sometimes we have the ideal weight, but we don’t like our body. The reason for this situation is that we do not have tight bodies that need to be shaped. If you complain about the redness of your legs or if your legs are not tight, you can get tight with these exercises that you can do at home.

As usual, it’s worth remembering. If you have any discomforts, please do the exercises very carefully or consult your doctor or sports coach before doing so. Some exercises can cause joint disorders when done unconscious and careless.

Sumo Squat

9 Exercises For Leg Workouts At Home

With your toes facing sideways, open your legs a little more than the shoulder width. Put your hands next to your head. Continue to normal knees until the upper part of your legs, such as normal squat up to your knees and pull your knees up and break your knees. You can repeat this movement 20 times without interruption. If you are having difficulty, you can start with 10 and increase the number every day. This movement will make your inner legs work and tighten.

Scissor Movement

9 Exercises For Leg Workouts At Home

Reach on a flat surface and place your hands under the buttocks with your hands on the floor. It’s important that your waist is flat and your abdominal muscles are tight. Then lift your legs and move them up and down like scissors. Your feet or legs should not touch the floor while you are moving. In addition, your legs stretched home feet to look forward to the movement will increase the efficiency. You can do this as 20 repetitions.

Side Kick Movement

9 Exercises For Leg Workouts At Home

Open your feet with your shoulders wide and lift your feet to 90 degrees. Move your lifted foot towards the other foot, and then straighten it in the opposite direction. Since this movement requires balance, you can either put your hand on your waist or open your arms. You can do 15 reps for one leg.

Backward Movement

9 Exercises For Leg Workouts At Home

The backstroke is great for running your back legs and thighs. Stand on your hands and knees as you begin your workout. It’s important that your waist is in a flat position. Extend your leg as far back as possible and return to your position on your knees. Your knee must not touch the ground while repeating the movement. You can do this movement 15 times.

Side Leg Movement

Reach sideways and get support from your right elbow. Lift and lower your left leg. Be careful not to touch your right leg and bend your knee. You can do this in 3 sets of 10 repetitions.


9 Exercises For Leg Workouts At Home

One of the best known exercises with the front and rear legs is the squat. Raise your arms to the front to raise your legs to keep your legs wide. It’s important to have your head straight and your back flattened. The position of your back is unchanged, your legs should be crouched on the floor parallel to the floor and you should return to your old position. The important thing is squatte knees when you crouch the knees do not exceed the alignment of the feet and heels to give weight. Because it is a difficult move, you can start and repeat 10 times over time.

Lightweight Running Movement On-Site

9 Exercises For Leg Workouts At Home

Start your workout with your feet standing upright. First pull your left knee up and hold your right arm upright, align the same thing and repeat for your left arm. It’s a very easy exercise with light jogging movements without advancing your position. The important point is to pull your knees up as much as possible. You can repeat this movement for 1 minute.

Bridge Movement

9 Exercises For Leg Workouts At Home

Lie on your back. Break your knees and rise on your soles. In the meantime, either open your hands sideways or place your inner side next to your buttocks. Lower and lift your waist in a controlled manner. Tighten your hip and abdominal muscles while doing this. This movement together with the legs of the hip and abdominal muscles to run intensively.

Leg Lifting Movement

9 Exercises For Leg Workouts At Home

This move feature is quite easy for those who want to run the inner leg area but it is a difficult move. Lay sideways, support by putting your hand on your head. Break your upper leg as in the photo with the top of the dark to the ground and the other leg lift up and down. Repeat this movement without touching your leg. Repeat the same steps for your other leg. You can do this movement 15 times.

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