Benefits of Growing Your Child With a Pet

Benefits of Growing Your Child With a Pet

Those who own the pet,
– They rely more on themselves.
– Empathy
– More extroverts
– More mobile
– They’re doing more sports.
– They feel less alone
– Less anxiety levels

Although animals do not completely replace communication with humans, people with low social support or depression may create such a supportive system until they find a solution. For example, for people with poor social communication, pets can become an automatic communication key. Because the socialization of animals among themselves helps the owners to socialize.

Pets are a key to overcome these problems for children who have a temperamental temperament and who are struggling to socialize. The child, who has difficulty in communicating with other children, who is not enterprising enough to build a game, will play a natural communication method while playing with his pet outdoors, thanks to the interest of other children to the animal. Children join in between themselves and start playing games together.

Having a pet is also an important barrier for internet addiction, which is also one of the biggest problems of today’s world. Adolescents in a study conducted with adolescents who do not have a dog, the owner of the dog all day long physical activity was seen in adolescents.

Another important point is that pets make the child more sharing and helpful. Children who have pet owners are becoming more open to group activities and cooperation. Children who take responsibility for a pet; plans to organize activities such as feeding the animal, taking a walk, taking care of the feathers, or how it is organized, learning to act in a routine. Moving in a planned routine, the child is aware of not only taking care of his pet, but also following his other work.

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