Causes of Baldness, What are The Symptoms?

Men and women naturally lose their hair as they age, about two thirds of boys are bald, or a pattern of baldness until the age of 60. Baldness typically indicates excessive hair loss from the scalp. Hereditary hair loss with age is the most common cause of baldness.

The hair consists of a protein called keratin, which is produced in the hair follicles in the outer layer of the skin. As the follicles produce new hair cells, the old cells are pushed from the skin surface about 15 cm per year. The hair you can see is actually a series of dead keratin cells. The average adult head has about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs and loses 100 per day.

Baldness is medically known as alopecia. Men and women naturally lose their hair as they age, about two thirds of boys are bald, or a pattern of baldness until the age of 60. However, other hair loss can be triggered by sudden physical or emotional stress, birth, collision diets, such drugs. autoimmune conditions such as antidepressants, lupus and thyroid diseases. Another form of hair loss called alopecia areata forms bald patches on the scalp, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Symptoms of Baldness

If your hair spills from the top of your head, this may be the initial sign of baldness. The hair that is examined and weakened is also considered to be the beginning of baldness. Generally, mild hair growth is observed in hair loss.

Causes Of Baldness

Male type hair loss

The most common cause of hair loss. It is a natural condition seen due to genetic characteristics and male hormone. It’s not a disease. This treatment can be performed with a large number of medications, which can be stopped and treated in some cases; It can be solved by using hair transplantation method.


This type of hair loss has smooth surface, coin-sized or wider round-patch shape bald areas. Rarely, loss of all hair and body hair may occur. It can be seen at any age. When this condition, which is caused by nerve and stress, occurs in childhood, autoimmune may be related to diseases related to immune system. Treatment with various topical and systemic treatments and psychological support is also possible.


The most common hair loss due to anemia due to iron deficiency is poured. Hair loss occurs in anemia due to deficiencies in B12 and Folic acid. Hair loss is corrected when the missing defect is replaced.

Thyroid Diseases

Excessive (hyperthyroid) and under-working thyroid (hypothyroid) can cause hair loss. Thyroid diseases can be investigated by laboratory tests. Treatment of the disease also improves hair loss.

Skin diseases

Fungal diseases and lichen planopilaris can cause hair loss in various hair skin diseases.

High fever, severe infectious diseases

It can cause hair to break into the resting phase. There is no permanent loss and after a period of recovery the hair will return to its original state.


During pregnancy, the hair is in the growth phase; therefore, hair loss stops, hair becomes thicker.
After birth, the hair enters the resting phase and at this stage there is an intense shedding of the hair. This situation continues until 8 months to 1 year after birth and is completely organic process again the hair will have the old health. This period can be overcome with supportive treatments much healthier.

Shock diets, quick to lose weight, protein

The main food of the hair is protein. Diets that lose weight rapidly especially during the summer season affect the health of the hair negatively and cause serious hair loss. Spills may also occur in people who are not well-fed for protein or have an abnormal diet. Nutritional habits can be changed by applying a protein-rich diet to restore spilled hair.


Some drugs used in the treatment of rheumatic, gout, depression, heart disease, high voltage prescribed medications and high dose vitamin A, pimples and psoriasis can do hair loss.

Cancer treatments

Some cancer treatments can stop the division of hair cells. When the hair comes out of the skin, it will weaken and break. This happens 1-3 weeks after the therapy and patients lose 90% of their hair. After therapy, hair grows again.

Birth Control Pills

Hair loss can be seen in the use of the contraceptive with genetic predisposition. When the drug is discontinued, the spill stops.

Baldness Treatment

Effective treatments are available for some types of hair loss. You can reverse hair loss or at least slow down more thinning. In some cases, such as irregular hair loss (alopecia areata), the hair may regenerate in one year without treatment.

Treatments for hair loss include medications, surgery that promotes hair growth and hair loss reduction.

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