Dry Patches on Skin : Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Dry patches on skin – Dry skin is a typical issue amid the winter months, when the skin is presented to colder temperatures and lower dimensions of dampness noticeable all around. In these cases, utilizing cream is regularly enough to alleviate and wipe out dry skin patches.

Be that as it may, a few people experience ceaseless, or dependable, dry skin. This can demonstrate a basic ailment that would profit by treatment.

In this article, we portray some normal ailments and different components that can make dry skin and how manage them.

Reasons for dry skin patches

The skin can end up dry, scaly, or flaky for some regular reasons, for example, being presented to chemicals in cleansers or harsh, blustery climate.

Different reasons for dry skin include:

  • utilizing high temp water
  • over the top hand-washing
  • drying out
  • poor nourishment
  • creams that contain liquor

Much of the time, an individual can mitigate the indication by applying the correct cream to the influenced territory consistently and abstaining from cleaning and individual consideration items that contain harsh chemicals.

At times, in any case, dry patches on skin require explicit treatment.

Skin conditions can turn out to be more awful in virus climate, including dermatitis, which extensively alludes to any condition that causes skin irritation. There are numerous sorts of dermatitis.

The accompanying skin conditions can cause dry patches on skin :

Contact dermatitis

This sort of dermatitis typically results from contact with an allergen, for example, poison ivy or animal dander. Likewise, some laundry cleansers can trigger an unfavorably susceptible response.

Contact dermatitis for the most part clears up without anyone else.

Individuals can counteract further responses by distinguishing what had set off the dermatitis and by evading it later on.

Contact dermatitis happens on the zone of skin that came into contact with the allergen. This implies it can influence any piece of the body. Usually in uncovered zones, for example, the hands and face. – dry patches on skin

Indications of contact dermatitis include:

  • dry, red, or scaly patches of skin
  • hives
  • a tingling or consuming sensation on the influenced zones
  • open or spilling rankles

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis, or skin inflammation, is an endless skin ailment that fundamentally influences kids. The accurate reason stays indistinct, yet hereditary and ecological components assume huge jobs.

The side effects of atopic dermatitis generally show up on the cheeks, arms, and legs.

  • A few side effects include:
  • dry, aggravated skin
  • scaly skin
  • a rash
  • irritation
  • split skin behind the ears

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition that happens when the sebaceous glands produce an excessive amount of oil. It commonly causes patches of white, dry pieces on the scalp, face, chest, and back.

At the point when the condition influences newborn children, it is called support top. – dry patches on skin

Different side effects of seborrheic dermatitis include:

  • dainty, white or yellow scales
  • slick or oily patches of skin
  • red patches of skin
  • irritation

Ichthyosis vulgaris

Ichthyosis a term that alludes to a group of hereditary skin issue that reason dry, scaly skin.

Most structures are amazingly uncommon, and 95 percent of the general population influenced build up the mildest structure: ichthyosis vulgaris.

Individuals for the most part create it as youngsters, however a few grown-ups get gained ichthyosis vulgaris.

The condition typically shows up on the legs, yet can likewise influence the hands, arms, and the storage compartment of the body.

Side effects of ichthyosis vulgaris include:

  • dry, bothersome, and flaky skin
  • scaling skin
  • gentle thickening of the skin


Psoriasis is a typical autoimmune confusion that influences the skin. As indicated by the National Psoriasis Establishment, 125 million individuals worldwide have the condition. – dry patches on skin

Specialists are uncertain of the definite reason, yet it identifies with hereditary qualities and the immune framework.

Psoriasis can influence the whole body, yet some basic destinations of psoriatic movement incorporate the:

  • scalp
  • face
  • palms of the hands
  • soles of the feet
  • knees
  • elbows
  • lower back
  • genitals

Side effects of psoriasis include:

  • dry, red, or scaly patches of skin
  • itchy or painful patches of skin
  • peeling skin
  • discoloration of fingernails and toenails

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