Easy Weight Loss Recommendations !

Easy Weight Loss Recommendations !

Make 3 main 3 snacks more quickly
Feed less and more frequently by trying to adjust your daily consumption to 6 meals. Be careful not to go hungry for more than 3 hours, do not experience fluctuations in your blood sugar. Snacks help to avoid sweet crises, increase your metabolic rate, and help you lose weight easily.

Beware of late-eaten dishes
Since the days are longer, the dinner shifts to late hours. However, it is necessary to pay attention to snacks made late in this period, especially because the night-time snacks burn more difficult for our body, so it is highly probable that our food will turn into fat. If snacking is to be done during the night time where physical activity is the least; It will be more accurate in terms of calorie intake to contain nutrients such as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery stalks with low energy and abundant fiber.

Start moving
The temperature of the weather has ended the period of making rainy weather excuse not to do sports! For this you can walk by taking plenty of oxygen outdoors. Or you can go for another activity that you will enjoy the most; as long as you move. Our suggestion is to do your cardio-style exercises on your stomach; In the morning, the amount of free fatty acids in the blood is higher, ready to be burned and in this case you will burn more fat. The duration of the activity is of course also important. Normally, fat burning starts 18- 22 minutes after starting the exercise, because this period is spent for large fat stores to become small fatty acids.

Eat lighter to alleviate
Take care to consume whole grain products. In order to limit oil intake, prefer grilling, steaming, scalding or baking methods instead of frying or roasting. Antioxidant and vitamin-mineral to meet your needs in 5 to 7 servings of different colors and fruits and vegetables to eat. Make a habit of consuming low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese. Separate the visible fats of meat and chicken, do not consume these parts. When cooking vegetables or legumes, add 2 tablespoons of oil to 1 kilogram. For lunch and dinner, add the salad, but only 1 teaspoon of olive oil, lemon and vinegar.

Water, water, water
In these periods, our need for liquid with sweat increases. It is important to consume 2-2,5 lt of water. In fact, water consumption is an issue that everyone knows but either transpires or forgets. Please do not wait for thirst to consume water, when you feel thirsty 1% of your body is lost in water. Excessive water loss creates difficulty in concentration and memory turbidity.

Meal options
3 dried apricots, 2 pieces of walnut
Half a pack of diet biscuits + 1 cup of milk with coffee
1 box of yogurt + 10 -15 pieces of blueberries
1 box of low-fat milk, 1 piece of fresh fruit
2 pieces of grissini, 1 cup of buttermilk
Half Pack Diet Stick Cracker + Buttermilk
½ Cheese, cheese
1 -2 slices of bread, 1 slice of white cheese
Light crustacean toast, cold cut vegetables
1 box of fruity yogurt, 10 nuts
Half packet of corn rice crispy and low-fat cheddar (bakable)
1 cup of lean popcorn, 1 handful of raisins
Salad plate with raw vegetables, 1 slice of cheese, diet crackers
1 handful of white chickpeas, 1 cup of kefir
5 pieces of prunes, 10 almonds
Half-fat waffle with vegetables, 1 cup of light buttermilk

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