Face Yoga With Simple Movements

Face yoga has become one of the formulas of rejuvenation in a painless and no-leaked manner, as natural beauty methods become increasingly popular. The face yoga exercise that resists gravity is an effective way to reduce wrinkles and tighten facial muscles. According to the American famous dermatologist Murad Alam, the hundred yoga; A miraculous massage that can be easily applied at home and requires no surgical intervention. According to experts, it is possible to have a younger skin with face yoga exercises that are applied regularly.

What is a face yoga?

The face yoga can be explained as a whole of exercises that make yoga work for the body. Face yoga , which relaxes the muscles and reduces wrinkles, is shown as one of the formulas for getting a healthy age. Facial exercise is defined as face yoga techniques such as lip, neck, forehead and cheeks in areas such as the muscles of the skin to be more vigorous running is targeted.

How to do face yoga?

The face yoga includes movements that operate different muscle groups. You can have a tighter skin than before by repeating movements on a regular basis. These anti-aging exercises can be performed accurately and in periods of 20 minutes of 6 days a week. You can have more healthy facial muscles at the end of 2 to 4 months thanks to the variety of exercises that can be done easily at home.

Face Yoga Method

Movement for wrinkles

With the movement of balloon fish can reduce wrinkles around the lip. Close your mouth to make a balloon blowing motion and stay in this position for 20 seconds. You can repeat the movement in at least 2 sets. You can easily do this in the car or in the office. It is possible to reduce the lines around the lip along with the exercise.

Movement for neck and lower cheek

Tilt your head backwards and look at the ceiling. After feeling the muscles in your neck stretched, twist your lips and get a kiss position. Try to keep your position for 20 seconds. You can apply 3 sets of exercise. With this movement, you can strengthen your lower muscles by tightening your neck muscles.

Movement to remove eyebrows

Place your fingers on your eyebrows and your thumbs around your mouth and press your fingers and stretch them in two directions. You can repeat 3 sets for 10 seconds. With this movement, you can tighten your eye area and cheek area.

Motion for lip and cheek

Tighten your mouth to your ears. Smile by opening your eyes. Feel your face tightening. You can apply this movement in 3 sets for 10 seconds, raising the cheeks and stretching the lips around.

Movement of forehead wrinkles

Stretch your forehead by placing your hands on both sides of your forehead. Lift your eyebrows and then lower your skin. 20 You can repeat the exercise 2 times after lifting your eyebrows. This movement increases blood flow in the forehead area to get rid of the forehead lines and have a more tense skin.

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