First Period

Regardless of whether you’ve been fearing it or absolutely frantic for it to arrive, your first period can feel like a jump into the extraordinary obscure.

Will it arrive dribble by trickle, or at the same time in a stream? Will I appear to be unique? WILL Everybody KNOW?

Shockingly there’s no period precious stone ball to let you know precisely when it will occur, or where you’ll be the point at which it does (kindly not get together). Furthermore, similar to your first day of school or your first historically speaking burrito, everybody’s first period will be noteworthy in an unexpected way.

However, here are a few things you can anticipate.

Will I feel it?

Likely not. You may feel some wetness or stickiness in your jeans, or perhaps some slight issues in your belly – yet there is no explicit ‘draining inclination’ that declares your period is around the local area. Odds are you won’t see at all until you next go to the loo.

What colour will it be?

This will be diverse for everybody as well – however we can guarantee you this much: it won’t be blue.

No one truly knows why past days sterile towel organizations chose that brilliant blue fluid would be less startling than the genuine article, however you can live safe in the information that your month to month guest won’t be a raspberry Slush Young doggie.

All the more shockingly, period blood doesn’t frequently resemble the brilliant red blood you see when you fall over and cut your knee either. For some that first appearance will be a pink-ish shading, while numerous individuals’ first period is frequently nearer to darker than red – which can come as somewhat of an astonishment. Reality: you won’t be the first individual to think about whether they crapped themselves without taking note.


Whatever the shade, don’t freeze. Your conceptive framework is simply getting into the swing of things, and the shading will frequently turn out to be progressively red after some time. Be that as it may, it will never at any point be blue.

What amount of blood will there be?

The sum will be diverse for everybody as well. It could be a sticky release that just endures multi day or two, or ‘spotting’, which implies draining gently on and off for a couple of days. What’s more, a few people’s first period may be very substantial – yet don’t freeze, that doesn’t mean it will be overwhelming for eternity.

Your first couple of periods may be feel like an entire assortment pack of changes, however things should settle down into an increasingly unsurprising daily schedule.

To what extent will it last?

Your first period can last from anyplace somewhere in the range of one and 10 days, and it’s additionally truly normal to have your first period and afterward not drain again for a couple of months. Accommodating, we know.

For the first year or so your periods may be somewhat everywhere while your body discovers its normal beat, yet things should settle down into a genuinely unsurprising example.


Sincerely. You may feel like you’re strolling around with a neon blazing ‘PERIOD! PERIOD!’ bolt over your head, however truly you look precisely equivalent to you did the day preceding. No one will realize except if you let them know. Or on the other hand convey party welcomes.

Be that as it may, in case you’re prepared, it is a smart thought to converse with a grown-up you trust. They can assist you with getting every one of the provisions you require

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