Happy Marriage is Good to The Heart!

Happy Marriage is Good to The Heart!

In the study, people who have a happy marriage after bypass surgery, three times longer than those who live in the attention draw attention, experts, the longer the reason why you live longer, patients to live better, take their medication, go to doctor appointment, such as a positive effect of marriage support, marriage itself they express that they can raise the responsibility and reasons for looking.

Los Angeles Times newspaper, reflecting the research may be more than necessary, stress, anger, unhappiness and sadness directly affect the heart said.

However, if people have a happy and less stressed marriage, this may affect their hearts positively. According to the University of Pittsburgh Health Center’s health program, some of the effects of stress include:

– Your heart beats faster,
– Your blood pressure rises,
-Damarans are narrowed and the risk of heart attack increases.

In the research, it is emphasized that stress increases the blood sugar level and causes type 2 diabetes and it is stated that high blood sugar is a bad news for the heart because it may cause hardening of the tissues over time.

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