Health Nuts

Health Nuts

Eating 20 grams of nuts per day protects against heart disease and cancer.

Walnuts, sunflower seeds and nuts contain the most antioxidants. Consuming a handful every day protects from various diseases and prolongs life.

Scientists who stated that someone who consumed nuts had a longer life, claimed that they had not had a health problem for at least 50 years.

Dr. Dagfinn Aune revealed the difference between the health of those who consume the nuts and those who did not consume. According to the results, it has been proved that nuts are resistant to many different diseases.

Dr. Dagfinn Aune, nuts and pistachios in the excess of magnesium and unsaturated fat states. This allows the heart and blood vessels to prevent diseases. It also helps you lower your cholesterol levels.

Peanut is a very healthy and useful nuts for peanut butter is also recommended. Of course not to miss the scale.

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