How Do You Get Longer Hair Fast?

Long hair formula – When it comes to hair extension, there are two key words: patience and determination. So it’s a little long journey to stretch your hair, so you have to be patient. Of course, it is not enough just to be patient, and some effort is needed. Regular and attentive care is essential!

Hair doesn’t grow overnight

You should always remember that hair growth is not possible overnight. Our hair can only be 1.25 cm (maximum) per month. You can support this extension with various care products, nourishing shampoos and regular care. In other words, care must be taken for the rapid extension of hair! In addition, hair growth is related to hormones.

Use hair conditioner after every shampooing

Hair care cream in terms of hair extension formulas, hair extension should be one of your favorite products throughout the process. After shampooing her hair in the bathroom, you can apply the hair care cream, especially on the ends and hair, and feed her hair. We recommend that you use Nutri-Omega Hair Care Cream.

Apply oil therapy

You can try the oil therapy so that the hair is not damaged during the period of elongation and it can be fed intensively. Apply the hair care oil to the dry hair before bathing and put on your hair and wait 1-2 hours to use shampoo and conditioner as usual. You can get more effective results when you do this intensive therapy with care oils containing flower essences.

Be careful when scanning hair

When you’re combing your hair, you need to scan it as if you were touching something too fragile. Especially after combing your complex, wet hair after bath, you must make sure you use a pre-treatment spray and soften your hair.

Change pillow case

It may sound a little interesting, but one of the main reasons why her hair looks bad when she wakes up in the morning is because of her hair. Therefore, you can use the satin pillowcases if you want your hair not to be damaged.

Change shampoo

Isn’t it time you changed the shampoo you used every time? Especially if you are looking for hair extensions, you should use intensive nourishing shampoos. Arginine protein and Nutri-Omega-containing shampoos are our favorite in this regard!

Cold shower

Yes, it is very difficult to apply this step on cold days, but at the end of the bath, you can only increase the blood circulation by applying cold water to the bottom of the hair. This, of course, supports the extension of hair.

Get rid of shards

” Why should I cut my hair while trying to extend the hair? ” Cutting the hair ends regularly does not cut the speed of hair growth, but makes the hair look healthier. During the time you wait for your hair to grow longer, the hair ends increase and the fractures begin to break away from the hair. When the ends of the broken hair begin to break, a shorter appearance appears. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly cut the ends of the hair.

Take a break

One of our care suggestions for hair growth is to take a break from the heat. Heat causes hair ends to wear, dry, thin and eventually break. For this reason, it is imperative to interrupt thermoforming in this process! There are many hair styles that you can do without heat, you should try to turn them!

Balanced nutrition

One of the most important steps in hair extension techniques is regular and balanced nutrition. Internal support in hair extension is important. Do not forget to consume lots of nutrients rich in vitamins and proteins!

Make massage

This small gesture usually does not care about anyone, but actually stimulates the blood circulation and accelerate the growth of hair, you have to do regular hair deep massage. You can only add 10 minutes a day and make a 10-minute massage. You can even get help from hair care oils by massaging them. In short, it is one of the most important beauty habits you have to get to know before!

Hope you get long hair as soon as possible

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