How to do Breathing Meditation ?

By and large, the motivation behind breathing meditation is to calm the mind and create internal harmony. We can utilize breathing meditations alone or as a fundamental practice to decrease our diversions previously captivating in a Lamrim meditation

A Simple Breathing Meditation

The main phase of meditation is to stop diversions and make our mind clearer and increasingly clear. This can be cultivated by rehearsing a simple breathing meditation. We pick a calm place to ruminate and sit in an agreeable position. We can sit in the conventional cross-legged stance or in whatever other position that is agreeable. In the event that we wish, we can sit in a seat. The most essential thing is to keep our back directly to keep our mind from getting to be sluggish or lethargic.

We sit with our eyes somewhat shut and direct our concentration toward our breathing. We breathe normally, ideally through the nostrils, without endeavoring to control our breath, and we attempt to wind up mindful of the impression of the breath as it enters and leaves the nostrils. This sensation is our object of meditation. We should attempt to focus on it to the avoidance of everything else.

At first, our mind will be exceptionally occupied, and we may even feel that the meditation is making our mind busier; however truly we are simply winding up increasingly mindful of how bustling our mind really is. There will be an incredible compulsion to pursue the diverse contemplations as they emerge, however we should oppose this and stay concentrated single-distinctly on the impression of the breath. In the event that we find that our mind has meandered and is following our considerations, we ought to quickly return it to the breath. We should rehash this the same number of times as essential until the mind settles on the breath.

Advantages of Meditation

In the event that we practice quietly along these lines, gradually our diverting contemplations will die down and we will encounter a feeling of inward harmony and unwinding. Our mind will feel clear and open and we will feel revived. At the point when the ocean is unpleasant, sediment is stirred up and the water ends up dinky, however when the breeze fades away the mud gradually settles and the water turns out to be clear. Likewise, when the generally ceaseless stream of our diverting contemplations is calmed through focusing on the breath, our mind turns out to be uncommonly clear and clear. We should remain with this condition of mental calm for some time.

Despite the fact that breathing meditation is just a starter phase of meditation, it tends to be very amazing. We can see from this training it is conceivable to encounter inward harmony and happiness just by controlling the mind, without depending at all upon outer conditions.

At the point when the choppiness of diverting contemplations dies down and our mind turns out to be still, a deep joy and satisfaction normally emerges from inside. This sentiment of satisfaction and well-being encourages us to adapt to the hecticness and troubles of every day life. Such an extensive amount the pressure and strain we ordinarily encounter originates from our mind, and a significant number of the issues we encounter, including sick wellbeing, are caused or aggravated by this pressure.

Just by doing breathing meditation for ten or fifteen minutes every day, we will almost certainly diminish this pressure. We will encounter a calm, roomy inclination in the mind, and a significant number of our standard issues will fall away. Troublesome circumstances will end up less demanding to manage, we will normally feel warm and well disposed towards other individuals, and our associations with others will gradually make strides.

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