How To Find G Point?

How To Find G Point?

In most women, the most sensitive place in sexuality is clitoris, and the strongest orgasm occurs by stimulation of this region.

Other sexually sensitive areas of the woman are breasts, nipples, labia and vagina.

The point in this article, G Point, is the most sensitive part of the vagina and many of the women enjoy this point more than the other parts of the vagina. One of the lesser known sexual secrets of women.

It was first described in 1944 by the American Gynecologist and Sexologist Dr.Ernest Grafenberg. For this reason, it is called the first letter of the physician’s surname.

One of the Italian scientists and L Aquila University researchers. According to Emmanuele Jannini, the G-spot that allows women to have orgasms when stimulated is located in the bottom of the vagina near the Skene Gud, towards the woman’s stomach.

However, the location of G Point is still a matter of debate because the location of G Point varies from woman to woman. 5 cm from the entrance on the vagina wall. in the urine bag at the level of the vagina and urinary canal. According to another view, 1-2 cm from the entrance of the vagina, from the vagina so it is located in the middle of the front wall.

The G Point is a few inches in size and a protein called PDE-5 is secreted from this site during sexual intercourse. Therefore, if PDE-5 protein secretion is high and Skene is large, women who are older will have easier orgasm.

In fact, the G Point is the equivalent of the main sexual warning point in the penis for women.

During sexual intercourse, the penis stimulates the G-Point less by the position and if the vagina ceiling becomes thicker due to the effect of the Estrogen hormone, this causes a decrease in the stimulation of G-Point and the G-Spot may disappear gradually.

The stimulation of the uyar G Point ası before sexual intercourse stimulates the hormonal metabolism, causes intense sexuality in the brain, increases the heart rate, the sense of warmth and the acceleration of breathing. or it is. However, the stimulation of G-Point is not a region of primary importance in the formation of an orgasm, or in the formation of orgasms.

Men, like women, also have a G Spot. This region between the penis and the anus is extremely sensitive in the 3-5 cm. Some men may even have an orgasm only by caressing these areas.

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