Improve Your Memory With 9 Simple Tips

Improve Your Memory With 9 Simple Tips

Tip 1: For objects that you have difficulty remembering, such as key rings and glasses, specify a place to put when you are not using them.

Tip 2: Make a note. If you’re having trouble remembering phone numbers or appointments, hang them up where you can see them by listing them. Your list will remind you of your important tasks.

Tip 3: Say the words out loud. For example, say to yourself that I closed the stove. This reminds you if you have switched off the stove later. This method helps people to remember their names when meeting people.

Tip 4: Use memory aids. You can use the reminders of the mobile phone, the alarm clock of the watch and voice recorders.

Tip 5: Take advantage of visual images. When you learn something new, such as a person’s name, create an image in your mind. These images help prevent information from being forgotten.

Tip 6: Use reminders to group them. Reminders is a technique used to remember. For example; Make lists, names and abbreviations. Another reminder technique is an acrostic. You can create an acrostic using the first letter of each item you want to remember. Stories that link rhymes or every item that needs to be remembered are helpful.

Tip 7: Concentrate and relax. Many environmental factors can distract you. When you want to remember something, concentrate on the items to remember. When learning new information, concentrate on that information and avoid distracting factors. Anxiety and stress also prevent recall. Learn relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or muscle relaxation exercises.

Tip 8: Get your sleep. During sleep, the brain reinforces new information. Research shows that after a good night’s sleep the previously learned information is better remembered.

Tip 9: If you suspect that you have difficulty remembering, consult your doctor. Depression, hearing or vision loss, thyroid dysfunction, some medications, vitamin deficiencies and stress can lead to correctable memory problems.

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