Kidney Health

Kidney Health

Wrong: Belin is a symptom of kidney disease that develops on both sides

Correct: Apart from stone diseases, tumors and large cysts, kidney diseases are not diseases that cause pain. In some cases, pyelonephritis, called kidney infections, can cause blunt pain on both sides of the waist.

Wrong: Normal urine output indicates that the kidneys work well.

Correct: The amount of urine does not decrease until the kidney function falls below 15 percent. In other words, the normal amount of urine output, no pain when urinating, does not always indicate that the kidneys work well.

Wrong: drinking lots of water cleans the kidneys.

Correct: When the kidneys work healthy, the amount of water taken daily does not matter much. In kidney stone disease, the amount of daily drinking water is more than 2 liters, reducing the risk of recurrence of kidney stones by 60 percent. However, when the kidney function deteriorates, the daily water consumption should be above 2 liters so that the kidney can remove the waste from the body.

Wrong: Blood pressure medication damages kidneys

Correct: High blood pressure does not control the heart, brain and kidneys are hurting. If the height of the tension is not treated, it can also result in renal failure. Contrary to the belief that blood pressure control blood pressure thanks to the control of the kidneys due to high blood pressure is prevented damage.

Wrong: Milk and dairy products make kidney stones

Correct: Consumption of certain amounts of milk and milk products with high calcium content reduces the risk of kidney stones. However, the use of calcium-containing drugs increases the risk of stone formation

Wrong: We can protect our kidneys from the harmful effects of drugs by using herbal products instead of drugs in diseases

Correct: Commonly used herbal products as alternative therapies can lead to diseases called nephritis by a kind of allergic reaction in the kidneys because their contents are not fully known and they interact with drugs.

Wrong: drinking more tea increases the risk of kidney stones

Correct: Contrary to popular belief, drinking too much tea reduces the risk of kidney stones. The increase in coffee consumption increases the risk of kidney stones.

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