Kim Kardashian Weight Loss

How did she give birth after birth?

Kim Kardashian Weight LossKim Kardashian diet stated that he was 87 kilos during his pregnancy and that he was working hard to get to 60 kilos. The 35-year-old star began a very strict diet to restore her body. This diet also includes the Atkins diet, where Kardashian is the ambassador. I mean, it reduces carbohydrates as much as possible.

Besides, he states that he has a very rigorous exercise program, and his trainer keeps him up at 6 o’clock every morning. As everyone who has children will know, reinstating the body requires determination and both mental and physical power.

Kardashian, who says he wants to lose more weight than his bases, showed his confidence in his body by appearing on the cover of GQ magazine for the first time this month.

Here’s Kim Kardashian Weight Loss 3-day diet:

1 day

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and turkey sausage, with low-fat cheese and fresh fruit yogurt.
Snack: Dark chocolate and hazelnut bar
Lunch: Grilled chicken with spinach and cheese sauce
Snacks: Half carrots and 4 spoons of hummus
Dinner: Green bean and thyme fish

Total: 1504 calories

2 days

Breakfast: sausage with sausages, tomato sauce and cheese
Snack: Half an apple and 50 g cheddar cheese
Lunch: Turkey burger with tomatoes, pickled and onions
Snack: Atkin Bitter chocolate bar
Dinner: Chicken with asparagus in a spoon with rice

Total: 1561 calories

3 days

Breakfast: Boiled eggs, cheese and honey in a spoon
Snack: Vanilla Frappe
Lunch: Spicy chicken noodles
Snack: Atkin Vanilla bar
Dinner: Boiled chicken, cauliflower and cheese

Total: 1700 calories

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