Methods of Getting Rid of Mouth Odor

Methods of Getting Rid of Mouth Odor

It is possible to get rid of this problem, which negatively affects your social life with halitosis methods. The problem of bad breath, which affects 25% of people, comes up with two different types. Halitosis, which usually occurs in mornings and develops without a specific disease, is evaluated as physiological. We have investigated the halitosis methods which may occur due to liver failure, insufficient oral hygiene, gum diseases.

Causes bad breath?

Poor oral hygiene

If you do not pay enough attention to your oral and dental hygiene, you may experience bad breath problems. You can maintain your oral and dental care by brushing teeth twice, using dental floss and visiting your dentist at least once a year.


Among the reasons that cause bad breath, tobacco use ranks first. If you smoke regularly at regular intervals, as well as mouth odor, such as staining and yellowing, you can often encounter health problems.

Dry mouth

One of the elements that cleanse the mouth naturally is saliva. If you experience mouth dryness, bad breath may be one of your problems.

Bowel obstruction

Diseases that cause bad breath include intestinal obstruction. Especially if there is nausea in the mouth odor formation is normal.

Other reasons

– Diseases of the digestive tract
Contact with foreign body
– Drugs used
-The nutritional products
-Liver failure
– Some types of cancer

How to get rid of bad breath?

Carnation Chew

The simplest of the methods you can use to relieve mouth odor can be to chew the cloves. Chewing cloves is considered to be one of the most effective methods for bad breath.

Use dental floss

No matter how much you brush your teeth, scrub may have leftovers on the sides of your teeth. These residues may cause tooth decay and bad breath. To prevent these bacteria, you should use dental floss.

Brush your tongue

One of the effective methods of deodorizing methods is brushing the tongue. To prevent the formation of bacteria on the tongue you need to brush your tongue.

Plenty of water

Drinking water is one of the methods for bad breath. It is recommended to drink plenty of water in order to protect your dental health and to maintain your overall health.

Eat Yogurt

Probiotics in yogurt are among the methods you can use to reduce bad breath. For this reason, frequent consumption of yogurt can eliminate bad breath.

Use Cinnamon

It is possible to get rid of the bad breath by consuming cinnamon drinks or chewing cinnamon in your mouth.

Gargle before bedtime

Every night before going to bed, mouthwashing is among the effective halitosis methods. For mouthwash you can use oral care water or salt water.

Don’t stay hungry

Being hungry is one of the factors that cause bad breath. Take care not to starve for a long time.

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