Protect Your Mental Health

Protect Your Mental Health

When someone is asked about the cause of his unhappiness, you often hear complaints about his work life. In fact, the only responsibility for this situation is not the work life, the personality and personal acceptance of the system after the workplace.

Do not try to resolve your emotional needs at the workplace:

The place of work and workplace in life, how work life is perceived and interpreted is very decisive. Work is a tool that provides the necessary financial resources to manage our lives, it should not be perceived as the whole life. Trying to get professional relationships in our own private relations can lead to unhappiness. The workplaces were established to perform certain tasks and to achieve success with a team work. The lack of a structure for emotional needs is the most important point where it leaves family and social life.

Be clear and open in your relationships:

It is easiest to do business and to practice our profession. Fatigue, unhappiness, or vice versa, happiness and satisfaction in the workplace is actually a network of relations and balances. As in all relations, the basic material in business relations is human. The whole process goes through the relationships these people have with each other and the workplace. Many of us work in structures where there is a crowded squad and subordinate relations. Most of the time, this is the source of the problem area. At this point, when everyone is clear and knowledgeable about what is clear and demanding from each other, there are no major problems and the daily routines and conflicts can be overcome. It is also important that all employees have a common feeling and effort for the development and continuity of the workplace.

Be clear, when you are angry with something, when you do not approve it, when you are outside your acceptance, say it. Being said at the time of anger is better than bloating. Remember, the anger that you have not voiced can be revealed at a time when you do not want the result.

Pay attention to balances:

Everyone has a place and importance in the system. When this important issue is missed, the balances may be disrupted, big problems and inefficiencies may arise. It is a comfort and happiness for everyone to be respected and respected, having the right to be respected and respected by everyone, from the bottom to the top.

Don’t confuse competition with arrogance:

Even though the competition at the dose plays a role in enhancing the development and motivation of the business world, it is not an approach that brings good results by trying to reduce the value of someone else with vanity and I look better. This gaze and attitude which can easily disrupt the balance required brings the greatest unrest in business life. Regardless of position differences, everyone has to respect the level of work and competence of each other.

You don’t have to love your colleagues:

İş arkadaşlarımızı seversek, iş hayatımızın daha iyi gideceği gibi bir düşünce sıklıkla empoze edilse de iş arkadaşlarımızı sevmek ve yakın ilişki kurmak zorunda değiliz. Birbirimizin varlığına ve pozisyonlarına saygı duymamız yeterlidir. Sağlıklı bağlanabilen kişi, şefleri, çalışanları ve meslektaşları ile sadık bir şekilde işbirliği yapar ve onlara yerinde bir saygı ile davranır.

Believe in the importance of your business:

Our relationship with our profession also affects our way of working and our stance in the system. We can only succeed with a profession we believe to be necessary and important, and we can even make a contribution to the institution we work with.

Success and failure are also common:

In success or failure, each employee has the share from the lowest to the top manager. Knowing this will increase the corporate belonging of each employee. Employees’ feeling of corporate identity increases both their success and the success of the organization. Being a team at the beginning of things that provide corporate belonging and a healthy team work come. Nowadays, many companies are emphasized about being a family, whereas this is not a healthy approach, but it can be a team rather than a family.

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