Pulling The Correct Push-Ups

Pulling The Correct Push-Ups

When taking the push-up position, your hands should be open and your palms should touch the floor. Without breaking the brackets, your toes should be positioned so that they are slightly bent.

When you start moving, you can start exercising at the level that bends your elbows and touches the ground. At this point, the important position is that your head and spine are compatible.

Decrease your body to the ground in a slow and controlled manner and try to keep your body in line before moving to the departure stage. Do not let your butt lift up. If you cannot prevent this, your work will not be of much use to you.

When lifting your body, apply as many points as you can. In the first place, it is important that you do the movements properly, not do it again. When this way of working becomes a habit, the repetitions you are working with are not enough and your body will want more.

Your work in sets will provide both a smooth and effective working system for you.

Therefore, if you increase your work habits and without forcing yourself, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sport without getting bored.

After the end of your work, relax the area you are running with relaxation. In this way, you will reduce the possible post-sports pain and you will have your muscles pass to rest.

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