Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency, which, if left untreated, will turn into a greater discomfort, is a form of discomfort that is more common in women. You should consider the iron deficiency problem, which has many symptoms, as a disease that negatively affects your daily life.


The most common symptom of iron deficiency is fatigue. If you feel tired frequently because you have no reason, it may be caused by iron deficiency.

Pale Skin And Hair Loss

The substance, which gives a healthy pink color to the skin, cannot be produced enough in the case of hemoglobin, iron deficiency. This may cause a pale skin structure. Hair loss is also one of the indicators of anemia.

Shortness of Breath

If you have a limited number of hemoglobin in red blood cells, it is normal for you to experience shortness of breath. This problem may be due to anemia.

Dizziness and Headache

In case of iron deficiency, there is not enough oxygen in the brain and this may cause serious headaches. Dizziness is also one of the symptoms of iron deficiency.

Heart Palpitations

A heart palpitation problem may also occur if low hemoglobin values are difficult to carry to the heart and other organs of the body.

Fragile Nails

One of the most common symptoms of iron deficiency is the fragile nails. If your nails are constantly breaking, it may mean that you suffer from iron deficiency problems.

Swelling of The Tongue

Swelling and pain in the tongue may be due to iron deficiency. The red cracks in the mouth and the cracks on the lips can also be caused by anemia.

Abdominal Pain and Blood in Urine

Red blood cells can disintegrate and dissipate in the urine. This can be seen especially in people who exercise strictly.

Pain in The Legs

Iron deficiency in the body may trigger pain in the legs. This condition, also called restless legs, can cause pain in the legs.

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