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What Are The Benefits Of Mango? Mango is known as a common fruit consumed all over the world. Some health benefits utilized in the case of Mango consumption include digestion, bone health, skin and hair health, reducing the risk of macular degeneration, and a reduction in the risk of colon cancer. Antioxidant source: Antioxidants are […]Continue Reading
Benefits of Blueberry Blueberry fruit grows in the wild bushes in the genus Vaccinium and contains 400 different species. The home country of this fruit is North America. It is also the largest blueberry producer and consumer in the United States. Blueberries attract attention with its taste. Cake, jam, wine and many other recipes are […]Continue Reading
Benefits of Cranberries It is the source of fiber and vitamin E. ½ cup cranberry (125 ml) is 23 calories, 2 mg of fiber and 7 mg of vitamin C provides. Cranberry also contains vitamin K, manganese and phytoutrients, which are widely used in natural plant chemicals. They protect the body against harmful free radicals, […]Continue Reading
Are Peanuts Good For You ? It contributes to our health with the help of rich foods. Peanuts, which reduce the risk of stomach cancer, protects the health of the skin, it is good for heart health, antioxidant properties are beneficial for the overall health. Peanuts are consumed abundantly by people who do bodybuilding, help […]Continue Reading
What is Antioxidant ? Antioxidant, as it is already found in our body with nutrition is a chemical substance. The most important antioxidants we receive by feeding are vitamins A, C, E and selenium. The most important thing they do when we take these vitamins in our body is to prevent the formation of free […]Continue Reading
Easy Weight Loss Recommendations ! Make 3 main 3 snacks more quickly Feed less and more frequently by trying to adjust your daily consumption to 6 meals. Be careful not to go hungry for more than 3 hours, do not experience fluctuations in your blood sugar. Snacks help to avoid sweet crises, increase your metabolic […]Continue Reading