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How To Wash The Newborn Baby? Newborn babies should not be washed within the first 24 hours. Because the varnish and fatty tissue in the skin serves as an antibody. If they are washed, this tissue loses its effect. For the following days, the baby’s daily washing would be good for the mother’s motivational ties. […]Continue Reading
Why Do Children Often Get Sick? The strengthening of the immune system in order to make the children less ill is very important in terms of maintaining a healthy life in adulthood. What is the immune system? The immune system, which is a defense system consisting of proteins, various tissues and organs, tries to protect […]Continue Reading
Where Should Newborn Babies Sleep? The separation of the baby from the parents’ room at the right time is one of the important factors for having a healthy sleep. – The mother should sleep in the cradle, not in the bosom. After passing home from the hospital, the baby should sleep in the cradle of […]Continue Reading