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7 Ways To Give Children The Habit Of Reading Books Parents who dream of raising a child who likes reading very much are worried that their children cannot develop their reading skills and habits. The habit of reading in children is shaped by the different layers that begin to develop from the first time they […]Continue Reading
Benefits of Growing Your Child With a Pet Those who own the pet, – They rely more on themselves. – Empathy – More extroverts – More mobile – They’re doing more sports. – They feel less alone – Less anxiety levels Although animals do not completely replace communication with humans, people with low social support […]Continue Reading
Why Do Children Often Get Sick? The strengthening of the immune system in order to make the children less ill is very important in terms of maintaining a healthy life in adulthood. What is the immune system? The immune system, which is a defense system consisting of proteins, various tissues and organs, tries to protect […]Continue Reading