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Are Peanuts Good For You ? It contributes to our health with the help of rich foods. Peanuts, which reduce the risk of stomach cancer, protects the health of the skin, it is good for heart health, antioxidant properties are beneficial for the overall health. Peanuts are consumed abundantly by people who do bodybuilding, help […]Continue Reading
Health Nuts Eating 20 grams of nuts per day protects against heart disease and cancer. Walnuts, sunflower seeds and nuts contain the most antioxidants. Consuming a handful every day protects from various diseases and prolongs life. Scientists who stated that someone who consumed nuts had a longer life, claimed that they had not had a […]Continue Reading
How Should the Cholesterol Diet Be? The number of people with cholesterol problems has been increasing frequently since the age of 30. On the medical side, the level of cholesterol is almost equivalent to cigarette smoking. Cholesterol increases the risk of many serious diseases such as heart attack, stroke, vascular occlusion, circulatory failure. As a […]Continue Reading