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For many Americans living with ceaseless headaches and migraines, the mind-body practice known as meditation may offer an opportunity at genuine relief. One extensive investigation of complementary and alternative medicine use among patients with headaches found that around 17 percent had utilized meditation in the earlier year to help facilitate their pain. Numerous Continue Reading
Brain Trauma in Children Causes of head trauma in children ? The causes of head trauma vary from country to country. In the USA and European countries, which we call developed countries, the most common causes are traffic accidents, falling off bikes and falling off the balcony.However, the most important issue to be considered is […]Continue Reading
Herbal Methods That Are Good For Headache Use lavender oil Among the natural methods that are good for headache, lavender oil ranks first. In addition to having a nice smell, you can use lavender oil which is good for headache on a daily basis. For proper use, you can add 3-4 drops of lavender oil […]Continue Reading