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How can we accelerate our metabolism? What is the Metabolic Rate? Metabolic rate is the amount of energy a person spends in the day without any physical activity. In other words, when we are not in motion, it is related to the energy spent on the functions of our organs and functions like digestion. Knowing […]Continue Reading
Easy Weight Loss Recommendations ! Make 3 main 3 snacks more quickly Feed less and more frequently by trying to adjust your daily consumption to 6 meals. Be careful not to go hungry for more than 3 hours, do not experience fluctuations in your blood sugar. Snacks help to avoid sweet crises, increase your metabolic […]Continue Reading
What is Metabolism? Why would he gain weight? It is possible to keep the metabolic rate under control and weak. How is the metabolase rate calculated? What is the Metabolic Rate? Metabolic rate of any human physical activity the amount of energy it spends within a day. So move in the event that we are […]Continue Reading