The Cause of Depression is Antidepressant!

The Cause of Depression is Antidepressant!

Harvard University School of Medicine Placebo Studies and Therapeutic Opposition Program Deputy Director Dr. Irving Kirsch, today, the most common cause of depression is the use of antidepressant suggested.

Antidepressants carry serious risks, arguing that the most important cause of depression nowadays, because of the intensive antidepressant drugs used in the ongoing relapse of depression, he argued.

Kirsch said he believed in the therapeutic effect of antidepressants until antidepressants and placebo (physical, chemical, or pharmacological, but which did not have a pharmacological effect, but were given the effect or were said to have had such an effect).

The cause of depression antidepressant

The pharmaceutical companies have been storing information about antidepressants for years, Kirsch argued, the doctors did not know these risks, the patients did not know. He said that antidepressants are better when no one is aware and that a generation has used these pills and still takes effect.

Kirsch, who claims that treatment with antidepressant is of no use, said:

There is no return to risk. When you compare the use of placebo and antidepressants, there is no clinically significant difference.
Antidepressants are very troublesome in providing solutions and they carry very serious risks.

The use of antidepressants increases the risk of recurrence of depression in the following years by 113-280 percent. It increases the risk of recurrence of depression, even in the short use of 4-8 weeks. Today, the main reason for the prevalence of depression is the use of antidepressants. Because when you use medication, depression is recurring.

Antidepressant last resort

Kirsch said people can feel bad and helpless, think about suicide, but antidepressants are not the solution.

Kirsch, do plenty of exercise. If it doesn’t work, go to therapy, try acupuncture or meditation. If none of them work, the drug is the last resort in the treatment of depression, he said.

Kirsch stated that the effect of psychotherapy on depression treatment was much more beneficial in the long-term. He said that this treatment became prominent in the proposed treatment solutions in connection with the treatment of depression in England.

In Kirsch, England, 10 thousand psychotherapists are currently being trained. If this figure is reached by the methods of therapy with serious methods of treatment of depression may be the subject of depression, he said.

Exercise is a better treatment than antidepressants for the treatment of depression Kirsch, 3 days a week, the exercise shows the same effect as antidepressant.


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