The Importance of Pilates

The Importance of Pilates

Doctors says that Pilates also helps with a balanced posture, a good bone structure, a tense abdomen, and a thin waist as well as a weakening. Pilates, which have better results when performed with breathing exercises, need to keep the correct muscles correctly during exercise. Pilates helps you relax and relax psychologically by training your muscles with slow and conscious movements. When 20 sessions are performed regularly, the control of the pelvis and abdomen is enhanced by pilates, where the difference is very clear, so that the essence is enhanced. Pilates exercises strengthen the body’s flexibility, joint mobility, balance and posture.

Can’t imagine strong abdominal muscles

After warming up, you can start pilates. To strengthen the abdomen, first lie on the top of the back of the pilates ball. Bend your legs. Take your hands behind your head. Breathe in and lift up the upper part of your body. Repeat this in sets of 10s.

Pilates for correct posture

You can change your posture with simple movements with Pilates. For this, first break your knees. Extend your left leg to the back and place the ball under your knee. Keep your hands next to your front leg and give your weight to your hands. Breathe slowly and turn the ball in and out with your knee. Repeat the movement 10 times with both legs.

Regular exercise is a must to gain balance

On the pilates ball, lie on your abdomen with the help of your feet and your hands. Collect your strength in your abdominal muscles. Pull your hands and feet off the ground and stay on the ball. Repeat the movement 4 times. Balancing on the pilates ball, which is in a flexible form, is a method that improves balance perception. You will easily notice the change with frequent exercises.

Strengthen leg muscles

You need to do regular pilates for leg muscles. Stand one step ahead of the wall to operate the leg muscles. Place the ball towards the bottom of your back. Sit against the wall and break your knee slightly. Bring your arms to the chest level as you embrace a large ball. Turn your arms and your waist to the right. In the meantime, the ball behind your back should roll to the right. After doing this, return to your old position. Repeat the movement 4 times in each direction.

Don’t neglect back muscles

The back of the body, which is the most immobile in our body, needs to move and get stronger. Therefore, do not neglect the back muscles while pilates. To do this, place the ball first. Lie with your chest above the ball. Pull the ground-contacting leg towards your abdomen at an angle of 90 degrees. Stretch your arm with your upper arm sideways. Your elbow of the lower arm should touch the ground and support your head. Breathe in and up. Your elbow should be lifted as far as possible. Breathe in and return to the starting position. Repeat the movement 6 times with both sides.

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