Types of Food That Will Treat Teeth and Gum Diseases

Types of Food That Will Treat Teeth and Gum Diseases

By consuming certain types of food regularly, you will be able to get rid of your gum problems completely. What are the types of food that treat gum diseases, let’s look at the bride together.

Milk and cheese

If you want to have healthy teeth at night before bedtime milk and cheese consumption is recommended. Milk and cheese, rich in protein, such as food types for dental health.

Mint gum

If you have a dry mouth problem, you can use mint chewing gum for this. It is a highly effective product in the operation of salivary gum salivary glands.

Apple and carrot

Foods rich in fiber, such as apples and carrots, are among other products necessary for dental health. Care must be taken to consume fiber foods that clean and strengthen teeth.

Strawberry and Carbonate

Strawberry is a kind of fruit with malic acid which prevents plaque formation in the teeth. The sodium bicarbonate in the carbonate is a highly effective product for removing stains on the tooth surface.


You can make gargle with the olives you keep in salt water. In addition to strengthening the gums, this process will be good for gingival bleeding.

What should be done to protect the gum health?

– Do not break the hard-shell products, such as nuts, nuts, with your teeth.
– Chocolate, delight after tasting your teeth after consuming sugar products.
-Pay attention to the use of fluorinated toothpaste.
-Use dental floss with regular intervals.
– Can make mouthwash with water.

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