Ways To Beat Shyness

Ways To Beat Shyness

According to research, women are more likely to face shyness problems every year. Are you shy about people you don’t know or just met? If your answer to this question is Yes, you do not need to worry. Because you’re completely normal.

Is your face red?

If you are asked to stand up and introduce yourself in your new business environment, your face is blushing, your voice is shaking, if you are trying to avoid situations that require you to speak in front of the crowd, you are sadly shy. But not everyone has to be talkative, sociable.

Control yourself but if you think you’ve missed some opportunities because of your shyness, it’s time to control your behavior. Artest Battler, the US psychologist, said that shyness is not a problem that cannot be solved.

Living with shyness is a difficult feeling. Do not be intimidated by the people in the vicinity, fear of being denied, fear of being rejected by them, or insufficient. The shy woman always puts herself in a more difficult position with bad thoughts. Take a look at the following ideas, because they aren’t right for you.

– Alas, if I talk a little more, I’il make a fool of myself.
– What if everyone here is a moron for me.
– What am I gonna do if I can’t find anything to say?
– If I talk right now, I’m going to sound strange.
– What if I can’t control myself and shit?
– I’m gonna fry, I’m gonna shake.
– My heart started to hit badly, or if I suddenly had a heart attack …
– I can go crazy.
– Do I look strange?
– If I can get away from that environment.
– Everybody’s watching me.
– How long do they think I’m boring?

“The first way to get rid of shyness is through a lot of talk about shyness,” says psychologist Battler. Talk to your partner and your friend with a lot of topics that you are shy about. But without forgetting that these are basically no problems to enlarge. For example, if you are in a new environment pushes you into shyness, don’t be afraid. Try to enter new environments with your partner or loved ones. If you really want to, you’re starting to beat shyness.

If you’re too shy to meet people, it’s very wise to ask for help from a more talkative and social friend. You should make sure your friend introduces you to new people. However, do not tell you to say exaggerated things about you, but rather tell them to make your work a little easier by saying some important and beautiful features that you cannot express. Remember that you can easily ask for it from your friends.

The shy woman needs to be a little different in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex in the first place. Bring your attention to the crowd in the crowd. Or it’s your skill to create it. When you feel different, you can even hide your shyness behind a mystery curtain. This may seem a bit difficult at first, but you no longer want to get rid of your shyness problem. Do not scare you of any events you come up with.

When you find yourself trapped between chatting with someone and your shyness, ask a question immediately. But watch out, the question is not ridiculous. The question you’re asking, rather than looking at his face, will allow him to speak so that the conversation will not be interrupted. You can extend the speech intelligently by giving your own answer to the same question behind his response. You can accomplish this easily. Because it’s not impossible.


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