What are the Methods of Contraception?

Contraception methods include many different applications for women and men. After selecting the method that you think is convenient and useful to you, you should obtain detailed information about this method and even consult a specialist when necessary.

What is condom?

The condom is a thin, transparent and mostly latex material tool that is passed over the penis as a sheath. It keeps the sperm inside and prevents it from reaching the vagina and provides protection against pregnancy. For people with latex allergy, condoms made of polyisoprene material are also produced. Preservation with condoms is one of the most widely used contraception methods in the world. It is also one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to safe sex because it also protects against the transmission of AIDS and similar viral diseases.

What is a female condom?

It is a pouch-shaped protection product made of latex or polyurethane which it can use by placing it in the vaginal canal of women. Also known as Femidom.

What is diaphragm?

Diaphragm, which is a contraceptive method, is an elastic tool that is used by placing it in the cervix and made of latex and preventing the sperm from entering the uterus. Pregnancy protection rate is around 80 percent, but it is preferred because it can be used for hours before sexual intercourse and can be used with more than a year of diaphragm.

What is Vaginal Ring (Nuvaring)?

The vaginal ring is a device that is placed in the vagina and prevents pregnancy by staying here for 21 days. The hormones in its content, like the contraception pill, reduce the likelihood of becoming pregnant. At the beginning of the menstrual cycle (day 1), it is placed deep in the vagina and removed on the 21st day of the cycle. During this time it is not felt inside and does not cause any discomfort during sexual intercourse. People who should not use the contraceptive pill should not use the vaginal ring.

What is the withdrawal method?

During the relationship, it is a method of protection which is carried out by ejaculation not just inside the vagina. It is often preferred because it does not require the use of any tools. Since sperm cannot reach the uterus in any way, pregnancy cannot occur. However, after ejaculation, there may be some more sperm left in the penis that enters the vagina again and these sperm can reach the uterus somehow.

What is Vasectomy?

Surgical operation means that the sperm channels of the male are closed and sterilized. After vasectomy, males lose their fertility permanently. Ejaculation occurs, but the possibility of pregnancy is eliminated as no sperm can be found in the menu. It is an irreversible application.

What is Tube Ligation?

Surgical treatment of tubes carrying the eggs of women is called tubal ligation. Women’s sexual functions or menstrual cycles are not affected in any way, they only lose their fertility. It is a very difficult method to return.

What is the contraceptive pill?

Birth control pills are used to prevent ovulation and thus to conceive, by allowing women to take some hormones by artificial means. From the first day of the menstrual cycle, one is taken every day for 21 days. People with migraine, cardiovascular, blood pressure, diabetes and similar disorders should not use the contraceptive pill. You can consult your doctor regularly to see if you are eligible for regular use of the contraceptive pill.

What are protective needles?

Mesigyna and Depo provera, which are drugs that contain hormones such as contraception and prevent pregnancy with this artificial hormone supplement, are also known as protective needles in our country. Mesigyna is applied once a month; Warehouse provera can be applied every 3 months. As with the contraceptive pill, breastfeeding mothers are not recommended and may cause some side effects. However, when applied correctly, the rate of pregnancy protection is 99%.

What is a subcutaneous implant that protects from pregnancy?

It is a 4 cm long bar which is usually placed under the skin by an expert physician or nurse. Progesterone prevents the pregnancy by affecting the release of the hormone. Implants that can provide protection for 3 years can be removed by a specialist.


The spiral, which is 2-3 cm in length and is a small T-shaped tool, is used in the uterus. The spiral placed inside the uterus by an expert physician prevents the sperm from reaching the uterus and fertilizing the eggs by means of the copper wires and hormones on it. It has up to 3 to 10 years of use time.

What is Spermicidal?

Fuse, which is placed in the vagina, is protection products in the form of tablets or foam. They provide protection from pregnancy by killing sperm cells before they reach the uterus. It is an advantage that it can be applied 1 hour before sexual intercourse, but the preservation rate is low compared to other methods (about 74%).

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