What Does a Full Liquid Diet Do?

A full liquid diet is comprised of liquids just, yet dissimilar to a clear liquid diet that basically just permits clear refreshments and juices, a full liquid diet incorporates thicker juices, drain, and pureed soups.

It’s frequently utilized previously or after a few sorts of medical procedure or on the off chance that you have certain stomach related conditions that won’t enable you to eat strong sustenances. As a rule, you’ll just be on a full liquid diet for a restricted measure of time, and the diet is frequently a venturing stone to the mechanical soft diet.

Full Liquid Diet versus Clear Liquid Diet

A full liquid diet is frequently utilized as an extension between a clear liquid diet and an ordinary or mechanical soft diet. It has a more prominent scope of things than a clear liquid diet, yet is still genuinely confined contrasted with a mechanical soft diet, which permits most kinds of sustenances insofar as they’ve been pureed, slurried, or pounded.

Juices and stocks permitted on the clear liquid diet should be clear, so the decisions are progressively restricted. Clear juices like squeezed apple are fine on the two diets, however on the full liquid diet, you can likewise expend vegetable juices and citrus juice assuming fine, as long as the mash is stressed out.

Notwithstanding clear juices, creamed soups are permitted as long as they don’t contain any bumps or bits of meat, vegetables, or noodles. Cooked oats are additionally fine insofar as they’ve been stressed. Tea and espresso are permitted on the two diets, however on a full liquid diet, you can likewise include drain or cream on the off chance that you like. You can likewise drink drain or drain substitutes, for example, almond, soy, or rice drain in case you’re lactose narrow minded.

Wholesome Objectives

Full liquid diets are generally low in calories and supplements. The objective is more often than not around 1,500 calories and 45 grams of protein.

You may feel like you’re sufficiently inspiring to eat, however a full liquid diet doesn’t contain enough fiber, nutrients, and minerals to be utilized long haul.

On the off chance that for reasons unknown you are on this diet for a more drawn out timeframe your specialist may propose including liquid dietary enhancements like Guarantee to your day by day supper plan.

On the off chance that despite everything you require more calories, powdered drain can be added to creamed soups and you can improve sustenances with sugar or liquid sugars, for example, nectar or corn syrup. Adding spread or margarine to your hot oats is likewise a choice. On the off chance that you have to curtail calories, counterfeit sugars are additionally permitted on a full liquid diet.

Sustenances Permitted

  • All kinds of fruit and vegetable juice (no pulp)
  • Pureed fruit or vegetables
  • Milk
  • Soy or almond milk
  • Yogurt (without fruit chunks)
  • Melted cheese
  • Eggs can be eaten like a soft custard
  • Honey
  • Syrup
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soft drinks
  • Sports drinks
  • Water
  • Strained cooked cereal
  • Broth
  • Creamed soup (no pieces or chunks of vegetables or meats)
  • Pureed meat can be added to soup (again, no chunks)
  • Sugar
  • Flavored gelatin
  • Ice cream (no fruit, chocolate chips, etc.)
  • Sorbet and frozen yogurt

Model Dinner Plan

Here’s a case of an every day feast plan loaded up with sustenances you can eat on a full liquid diet. It has around 2,000 calories, however you can modify the sums relying upon your craving and calorie needs.


  • One cup of fruit juice
  • One cup of strained cooked cereal
  • One glass of water or cup of coffee
  • Morning Snack
  • One cup of pureed fruit
  • One cup of tea


  • One cup of pureed vegetables
  • One glass of milk or soy milk
  • One cup of chicken, beef or vegetable broth
  • Afternoon Snack
  • One cup of ice cream
  • One glass of water


  • One cup of pureed fruit
  • One cup of creamed soup
  • One glass of fruit juice
  • One glass of water
  • One glass of cow’s milk or soy milk

Nighttime Snack

  • One cup of yogurt
  • One cup of fruit juice
  • One glass of water

On the off chance that you can’t endure drain, pick soy or almond drain, and make certain to peruse the names of liquid nourishing enhancements since some of them are drain based.

Conceivable Symptoms

In the event that you should be on a full liquid diet for in excess of a couple of days, you may end up obstructed from the absence of fiber and weight reduction is conceivable with the low-calorie tally. Obviously, that implies that numerous dieters are enticed to go on a liquid-just weight reduction diet, yet it is anything but a decent method to shed pounds.

Full liquid diets should just be done under therapeutic supervision. The vast majority recommended a liquid diet will just need to do as such for a brief period, as a rule between five days and two weeks.

The liquid diet can be low in nutrient B12, minerals, and protein so long haul use (over about fourteen days) would require dietary enhancements to avert supplement lacks and muscle misfortune.

Practical Tips and Advice

One of the difficulties of a liquid diet is realizing whether you’ve to expend eaten enough. When in doubt, you should stop once you feel full. All things considered, a few people top off immediately when drinking their sustenance and will be unable to stomach anything over, state, and tall, 12-ounce glass at one sitting.

On the off chance that you are attempting to drink your nourishment without feeling awkwardly full, drink what you can in 15-to 20-minute interims. By the day’s end, you should drink no under 64 liquid ounces.

A few people additionally stress that specific products of the soil juices might be excessively high in fiber to be incorporated into a full liquid diet. On the off chance that you utilize a rapid slug blender, Vita-blend, or juicer to make your very own juices at home, it’s generally not an issue. You can even strain the juice through a work sifter or tea strainer if necessary.

Be that as it may, in the event that you should be on a low-fiber diet while you’re on the full liquid diet, it might be a great idea to stay away from high fiber juices. Ask your specialist.

It’s likewise a smart thought to get some information about any extra dietary confinements you may have. For instance, an individual on a gastroparesis diet may need to stay away from high-fat liquids and an individual on a sodium-limited diet may need to maintain a strategic distance from salty liquids.

Individuals who have had stomach medical procedure may likewise need to keep away from squeezed orange and other acidic products of the soil juices that may cause stomach agitated and consuming.

A Word From Verywell

Much the same as the clear liquid diet, mechanical soft diet, and a limited fiber diet, the full liquid diet is just utilized as a momentary diet in an extraordinary circumstance, for example, after medical procedure, and just with restorative supervision, so in case you’re abhorring it realize that odds are, you won’t be on it for long.

In case you don’t know whether a sustenance you need to eat is worthy for a full liquid diet, ask your specialist or dietitian before you add it to your diet.

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