What is Cardio? Cardio Training

We know that we need to work with cardio to lose weight, but what is cardio, how often we should work with cardio, and which are the fastest calorie cardio studies are sometimes unclear.

What is Cardio?

Cardio is a shortened form of exercise and is a type of exercise that extends the heart, veins and lungs intensively.

Examples of cardio work include jogging, swimming, walking, tennis, skipping rope and all kinds of exercise where your heart rate rises and your breathing is accelerated.

Right Breath Use During Cardio

Regular breathing is important. According to Runnerğis World, breathing deeply and breathing through the lungs as it strongly pushes the air through the lungs. It is an indication that you are doing anaerobic anaerobic work during practice. The main target in cardio is to use aerobic, oxygenated system.

Your pulse values should be between 60-75% at mild tempo and your pulse rate for aerobic oxygen should be 75-85%. Anaerobic values increased above 85%.

Benefits of Cardion

Our heart provides blood circulation in our body. The nutrients we take are broken down into the blood and distributed to all tissues through our heart and circulatory system. With the strengthening of our heart muscles, once the heart pumping, blood travels longer in the body and it is also important that we have more strength than we need in our heart muscle for all the movements we do during the day.

Vascular blockages are blocked.

Increased bone density is important for women for menopause.

Together with the right nutrition program, it helps you to lose weight, burn fat, accelerate your metabolism.

Cardio Trainings for Maximum Calories

Running :

It allows you to burn a significant amount of calories. The faster you run, the more calories you lose. You burn 350 calories in 30 minutes.

Skip Rope:

It’s the most fun activity we’ve ever had as a child. Exercise program is one of the most exhausting exercises. You’re both jumping and running. Your body muscles work. Skipping the rope at normal tempo for 30 minutes allows you to spend 400 calories.

HIIT Cardio:

Reduces your fat and increases your muscle mass. It consists of two systems. High density and low density. Although calorie burnings vary according to individuals, your loss is between 250-350 calories after 20 minutes.


It is one of the most calorie burning exercises because all your body muscles work. You will burn 400 calories in 30 minutes in style swimming.

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