What is Collagen, What Does it do?

What is Collagen, What Does it do?

What is collagen? This is a protein that is effective on many tissues in the body. One of the most important building blocks of the body of the experts as a collagen substance can be increased by certain nutrients can be preferred as a substance. The question of what is collagen is more common in recent years with the use of collagen in various cleaning and lotion products.

What does collagen do?

Skin becomes more flexible

Nowadays, collagen, a substance used in various beauty products, can make skin structure more flexible.

Reduces wrinkles

The collagen substance, which is a beneficial fiber for the body, enhances the skin. Good for wrinkles on the skin surface, this substance is also good for cracks in the skin surface.

Preserves heart health

Collagen, which reduces the fat layer in the body, is one of the substances that protects the heart health.

Organizing digestive system

If you have health problems related to intestine, it is recommended that you consume foods containing collagen. The collagen substance that regulates the digestive system helps to repair the damaged intestines.

Eye protects health

The eye is notorious for eye health protection and has a protective effect on corneal health.

Strengthens bones

The answer to the question of what collagen works is the strengthening of the bones of collagen. Consumption of collagen containing substances to increase the density of bones.

Prevents joint pain

Joint pain may occur when you start experiencing collagen loss in your legs. Along with collagen depletion, joint pain as well as swelling and stiffness may occur. You can remedy this problem by increasing the consumption of collagen-containing foods.

Protects the liver

The component called glycine, which is contained in collagen substances, has an effect that removes the liver from harmful substances and toxins. You can protect the health of your livers by consuming bone water, which is prominent with collagen substance content.

Foods containing collagen

Bone juice

Don’t throw away your meat food. Bone water is among the most common foods that have many benefits for the body.

Meat and meat products

One of the foods containing collagen is meat and meat products. You should eat meat at least 3 times a week to ensure adequate collagen supplementation.

The fish

You can obtain enough collagen by consuming fish. It is recommended that you use salmon and quinone consumption among fish products that prevent inflammation and give flexibility to the skin.

Red fruits and vegetables

If you are interested in what collagen is useful and want to consume the foods it contains, red fruits and vegetables can be a good choice. Vegetables and fruits such as apples, strawberries and red beets are often consumed.

Other Foods

Collagen-containing foods include celery, green olives, garlic, cucumber, banana-containing substances such as bananas and vegetables such as cabbage, eggplant and spinach.

What causes collagen damage?

Sugar and refined products

Sugar, collagen is known as a product that prevents self-repair. Therefore, it is most beneficial to remove sugar and refined products from your life.


If you are exposed to sunlight, a decrease in the values of collagen may occur.


It is known that cigarette consumption causes a decrease in collagen values.

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