What is Ectopic Pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy is the case of the fertilized egg settling in another area outside the uterus. This site is usually located in the egg channel (Fallopian tubes) (97%) in the tuba uterina. In the USA, approximately one in every 50 women have an ectopic pregnancy.

External Pregnancy (Tubal Pregnancy) How?

Under normal conditions, the fertilized egg moves from the fallopian tubes into the uterus. However, if these tubes have been damaged or clogged for various reasons, the fertilized egg cannot reach the uterus by going further and cannot reach the uterus. However, as the fallopian tubes are too narrow to allow a baby to grow and develop, pregnancy cannot progress normally.

Ectopic pregnancy does not only occur in the fallopian tubes, but fertilized eggs may also cause outer pregnancy by settling in different tissues. These places are cervical, ovarian, abdominal and even cesarean section.

If a pregnant woman experiences an ectopic pregnancy and does not intervene, the embryo that grows where she does not belong will grow there and cause the fallopian tubes to explode and / or tears off the veins of the pregnant woman. After this incident, the tubes of pregnant women will be heavily damaged or completely damaged. Due to the damage caused by excessive abdominal pain and excessive bleeding occurs; this may lead to death until death.

Who Is Ectopic Pregnancy ?

  • Those who have experienced an ectopic pregnancy before,
  • Over 35 years of age,
  • One of the sexually transmitted diseases, which is caused by inflammation of the fallopian tubes and pelvis, patients with Salpenjitis (PID),
  • For those who have stickiness in their tubes,
  • Infertility treatment,
  • In cases of more than one abortion,
  • In smokers,
  • Cysts and myomas,
  • Ectopic pregnancy is more likely to be seen in congenital tubes.

How to Tell Ectopic Pregnancy ?

Although the symptoms of early pregnancy are similar, they differ from women to women. However, there is no clear indication of an ectopic pregnancy. The symptoms begin as normal pregnancy. For example, you may experience swelling, nausea, vomiting, dizziness in your breasts. Your menstrual period is delayed and the result of your pregnancy test is positive.

If you experience serious abdominal pains and hemorrhages when you are happy about being pregnant, you should go to your doctor without delay. Because these pains and hemorrhages may be caused by embryos that settle elsewhere, rather than where they need to settle.


  • If you have pains in your pelvis, on your abdomen, on your neck and on your shoulder like knives, sharp, intense, painful and increasing,
  • If your stomach and bowel symptoms start to show,
  • If you experience dizziness in addition to bleeding and pain,
  • If you are experiencing drowsiness, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment Possible Manager?

It is unfortunately not possible to transfer the embryo to the uterus after ectopic pregnancy occurs. Besides, ectopic pregnancy is a health problem which does not show itself very well and it is known as the most important cause of mother’s loss in the first part of pregnancy. For this reason, there is no other way to prevent an outer pregnancy occurring in order to prevent the rupture of the tube and not cause different complications.

If you go with one or more of the above complaints, your doctor will be able to examine the pelvic region to determine exactly where your pain is, where the fertilization occurs. Nevertheless, if it does not clarify that the condition you are experiencing is fully ectopic, it performs some tests and ultrasound.

In many cases of ectopic pregnancy, surgical intervention is applied. In the meantime, the doctor takes a small incision into the lower region of the mother’s abdomen in order to take the mass, inserting a thin, long instrument in the mother’s pelvic region, and performs the necessary procedures and terminates the pregnancy. After the intervention, the hCG level is expected to decrease to zero. If the level decreases to zero, the operation is successful, but if the hormone level is high, the operation can be repeated or methotrexate treatment can be performed.

In addition, there is a rarely preferred method of treatment, which is often applied to pregnant women with low levels of hCG. Your doctor may want to observe and wait for the external pregnancy to be terminated by spontaneous excretion or absorption without any medical intervention after you have identified your condition.

Ectopic pregnancies bring important risk factors for the expectant mothers. The most important of these are deaths due to excessive blood loss and these deaths are most common among the mothers under 20 years of age. However, early diagnosis can lead to the termination of the outer pregnancy without any permanent damage to the mother, even without surgical intervention. Therefore, early detection of pregnancy and regular medical examinations are very important.

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