What is Metabolism? Why Would He Gain Weight?

What is Metabolism? Why would he gain weight?

It is possible to keep the metabolic rate under control and weak.
How is the metabolase rate calculated?

What is the Metabolic Rate?
Metabolic rate of any human physical activity
the amount of energy it spends within a day. So move
in the event that we are not It is related to the energy spent on functions such as digestion. Basal
metabolism rate determination of need and control of weight is very important.

Basal metabolic rate calculation formula
Women = 655 + (9.6 x Weight in kilograms) + (1.7 x centimeters in height) – (4.7 x years)
Men = 66 + (13.7 x Weight in kilograms) + (5 x centimeters in height) – (6.8 x years)
If our metabolism works fast, what we eat is easily transformed into energy.
burned. On the contrary, if our metabolism works slowly, transformation becomes difficult and calories that we cannot burn turn into weight.
In addition, muscle loss caused by inactivity slows down the rate of metabolism,
Exercising muscle strength by exercise makes the metabolism faster. This
therefore, we measure our metabolic rate and take this rate into account.
If we create, we can easily control our weight.

Why is the metabolic rate slowed?
Dietitians  has changed the metabolic rate from person to person and many factors
states that it is connected. Dietitians, these factors are age, sex, hormonal states, menopause,
he says that the person has a level of exercise and hereditary characteristics. Besides these
genetic effects, metabolic diseases, fat and muscle levels, febrile diseases,
she says that pregnancy and long-term diets also affect the basal metabolic rate.
As our age progresses, our body gains more weight and fat, we lose more muscles. This
Therefore, our metabolic rate starts to decrease as our age increases. Doctors 27
Our metabolism decreases by 3% every 5 years from age. 47 years of age and 12%
there is a slowdown, yavaş he says. That means 1 kilo of fat per month
The report says. Fringed, 250 grams of muscle is lost every year since the age of 30, 750 grams
He says we’re oiled.
When it comes to the effect of gender at the rate of metabolism, men’s muscle rate is more than women
Since they are high, their metabolism also runs faster. Women’s metabolism rate
it is slower than men.
An important factor that slows down the metabolic rate is the frequent and unconscious diets. Fast Weight
taking a negative impact on our metabolic rate. Experts are constantly heavy diets
they reduce the rate of metabolism by 30 percent.

What causes metabolism to slow down?
With the slowing down of metabolism and body fat, threatening our health
many diseases occur. Doctors, Increase in blood and blood vessels
Oil blockage of the walls causes cardiovascular problems. That’s a heart attack.
it increases the risk, ris he says. Fringed, slowing of metabolism at the same time
He says that diabetes will cause the disease to appear more quickly.

Metabolic syndrome: Blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar problems
The disease called metabolic syndrome is known as modern age disease. Life
Metabolic syndrome is not seen 50-100 years ago due to changes in conditions
Tactics. Sitting at a desk, irregularly fed and under stress
The symptoms of metabolic syndrome in humans are expansion around the waist, blood pressure,
elevation in cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Take precautions when these symptoms are noticed
Take action immediately. Because metabolic syndrome diabetes, heart attack,
hypertension, increase in cancer, accumulation in blood fats, obesity, coronary vascular diseases
can cause many discomfort.

How can we accelerate our metabolism?
”As long as a person is looking at himself, he can prevent muscle loss and metabolism from slowing down“
says doctors. Fringed is also a human 25-30 years old muscle power, anyway
By doing the exercises, he may have the same muscle strength at the age of 55-60.
Therefore, doing regular sports increases the metabolic rate.
According to experts, healthy diet, planned and expert control of diet, physical
We can increase our metabolic rate by increasing activity and consuming enough water. This
It is also possible to provide healthy control and weight control.

Recommendations to speed up metabolism:
-Try to eat 6 meals a day. The reason for all 6 diets of dietitians
to prevent the slowing of metabolic rate. We need to take the energy to 6
by dividing both less hungry, as well as frequent and under-eating
We are. Thus, the metabolic rate does not slow down. Open on the other hand
lowers the rate of metabolism. Therefore, fruit, buttermilk and diet biscuits
consuming products is of great importance.
-Plenty of water. So your circulation, digestive, respiratory systems will work balanced,
metabolism will accelerate.
-Turn regular exercise and balanced nutrition into a lifestyle.
-Plenty of green tea. Green tea accelerates metabolism without increasing heart pressure
It provides.
-Start the day with breakfast. Breakfast Meal of metabolism
it is running late and slower.
-Be moving. Evaluate all sorts of opportunities to move around. Inactivity,
lowers our metabolic rate. Therefore, walk 30 minutes a day.
-If you are on a diet, do it in a conscious and orderly manner. Fast weight gain
definitely stay away.
-Take care to eat protein-based foods. Especially in your diet, especially dairy products
Keep. This will increase your metabolic rate by 10%.

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