What is Silk Lash?

What is Silk Lash?

Beauticians also recommend the application of silk eyelashes for women who are fond of care.

How to apply silk lash?

-Used eyelashes are glued to individual user’s own eyelashes by means of medical adhesives.
-People can also make 2D and 3D eyelashes. This gives the eyes a more natural look.
– You can choose the desired length and density in the silk lash application. Preference is up to you.
How long does silk eyelash application last?
– The process takes about 1.5 hours. Then we have to go back to work once a month. It’s permanent for three months.

What should I not do?

You don’t use mascara after you put on a silk lash. Oily eye make-up cleansers, rubbing make-up, eye cream, hot shower and sauna can also loosen the glue of silk lashes and cause them to spill.

Does the silk lash damage my own eyelash?

Silk eyelashes about the person’s own eyelashes of the gossip, but experts say it is the opposite. According to experts according to the adhesive lashes silk eyelashes fall, but does not harm your own hedgehog. If it is done by non-experts, if you rub too much rubbing or hand lashes with your hand, then your eyelashes may be poured.

Pay attention to these:

– It is recommended that you do not change the water for 48 hours.
– If you have an eye structure, the adhesive used can disturb your eyes.
– If you are using Lens, you should take it off while going for a silk eyelash.
– You need to be careful when you wash your face, take a shower and take off your makeup.


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