What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a fit or constriction of the muscles around the vagina. This can occur amid sexual intercourse. It can likewise happen when you attempt to embed a tampon into the vagina, or amid a Pap test.

Who gets vaginismus?

Vaginismus isn’t normal. The correct number of ladies with this condition isn’t known, since numerous ladies are humiliated to talk about it with their specialist. In any case, it is imperative to straightforwardly examine this worry with a specialist as medicines are accessible.

This condition some of the time starts when ladies are in their teenagers or mid twenties, when they first endeavor to utilize a tampon or have sexual intercourse. For other ladies, it can grow further down the road, after a time of typical sexual capacity. It can happen each time entrance or intercourse is attempted, or just happen in specific circumstances, for example, amid intercourse however not with the utilization of tampons.

What are the causes of vaginismus?

Vaginismus is believed to be a mental condition, albeit some physical conditions can add to it. Circumstances that may add to vaginismus include:

  • Fear of sex
  • Anxiety
  • Past sexual abuse or trauma
  • Negative emotions towards sex

Yeast and urinary tract diseases can add to the torment related with vaginismus. A condition called vulvar vestibulitis can likewise be mistaken for vaginismus, since the irritation is frequently not seen until the point that entrance is attempted. After menopause, the absence of estrogen in the vagina can cause agony and inconvenience, a condition called atrophic vaginitis.

What are the symptoms of vaginismus?

The principle indication of vaginismus is agonizing, and once in a while unthinkable, vaginal entrance amid sex or a Pap test.

You should see a specialist on the off chance that you have agonizing sex or torment while embeddings a tampon. This isn’t ordinary.

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