What Should We Do To Lose Weight?

What Should We Do To Lose Weight?

Did you know that you can spend up to 2 hours a day on TV and consume 3 main 2 snacks a day, 60 minutes walk each day, consume up to 70 grams of fat, take care of your waist circumference by 90 centimeters and get 100 calories less every day and keep your weight ?

Maximum clock time in front of the TV

An experiment conducted on 68,000 women revealed that women who watched more than 2 hours of television were likely to be obese, and 23 percent more likely to have diabetes. Continuous seating, inactivity and snacking on the television causes us to gain weight. Therefore, it will be healthy to keep the time to be spent in front of the television to a minimum and to prefer the fruits if it is to be eaten.

Number of meals to be consumed in a day

Experts underline the need to consume 3 main meals a day and at least 2 meals a day
They draw. The less I eat, the more I lose weight, it is definitely a false belief. With that in mind, lunch or dinner does not matter; If any meal is omitted, this diet will turn into weight rather than losing weight. Remember that skipped meals lead to irregularities in human blood sugar and fast food. Thus, more food is consumed at the next meal and weight gain begins to be activated here.

What we need to do in a day

Experts say that at least a half-hour walk is very useful in terms of overall health. But if you want to lose weight if you have something to do next to all the diets, it is also a 1-hour brisk walk. A study conducted in the United States on a regular basis every day a one-hour brisk women who are brisk and 24 percent probability of becoming obese, 34 percent of the possibility of developing diabetes has revealed that. You need to be careful not to walk immediately after the heavy meal and always have water with you.

Maximum amount of fat per day

It’s easy to get your oil under control. Because every time you look at the back of the packaging you get from the shelf, it is possible to see the contents with their proportions. In this way, taking care of conscious fat consumption is very useful to protect your form. If you are a person of average weight and height, the maximum amount of grams is 70 grams a day. If you are in the weight loss phase, the maximum amount of fat to be consumed is 50 grams.

Maximum measure of your waist circumference in centimeters

Did you know what the thickness of your waist circumference causes? The fat curtain in the area starts to grow, pressures on the kidneys, raises blood pressure, poisons the liver, creates high cholesterol, produces diabetes, makes gallstones, creates dangerous conditions in the intestines. As can be seen, the size of the waist circumference is a very important issue in terms of health. Even the doctor Mehmet Öz says that it is more important to measure our waist rather than being weighed, and that the health risk is increased in the case of 93 women and 101 centimeters.

The amount of calories you should get missing every day

It should be noted that an extra 3,500 calories means 450 grams. This means 35 thousand calories per year, ie 4.5 kilos. You can avoid this by taking less than 100 calories each day. How Does? Taking a slice of bread less, eating two boiled sausages instead of two grilled sausages, eating two oranges instead of two glasses of orange juice, two low-fat yogurt instead of two yogurt instead of yogurt, or mayonnaise instead of low-fat salad dressings should prefer.


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