Why Does The Cramp? How Does The Cramp Go ?

Why Does The Cramp? How Does The Cramp Go ?

The question of why a cramp enters is among the subjects that have been questioned and wondered by many. In adults, the cause of cramps which are more dominant in the leg region and how it will pass is wondered. So, why does the cramp enters? How does the cramp go?

Up to 60% of adults experience leg cramps such as painful spasms, tightening or twisting. According to a study, strangely, these cramps are more common in warmer months. Leg cramps occur frequently at night and can often be seen in pregnant women. Cramps typically only occur for a short time, but they can be very uncomfortable.

As in many health problems, nutrition plays a role in the restoration of muscle fibers. Muscle cramps usually occur due to a lack of sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium. All of these minerals play a crucial role in the delivery of inter-nerve conduction. In addition, prolonged motion (sitting, lying down, sleeping) may cause cramps. The reason why cramps are more experienced during sporting activities is the body’s salt loss. The body loses salt during intense activity and if the amount of salt required is not provided to it, the signals transmitted to the muscles become problematic.


* Try repeating the muscles in which the cramps are repeated before going to bed at night. These applications reduce the likelihood of cramps: You can use thermophore, hot towel, hot water bottles or hot stones for this. Be careful not to burn your skin!

* Take care to drink enough water. Never be thirsty. Try to consume mineral waters that are particularly rich in calcium and magnesium.

* Try to relax your leg muscles before going to bed. Benefit from the preventive power of massage and scrubbing movements.

* Magnesium and potassium support prevent and reduce muscle cramps.

*Vitamin B1 can ease the cramping problem.

* Grape seed extracts are good for foot cramps

*Vitamin E relieves leg cramps

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